The Drachman Institute is committed to community-based, interdisciplinary practices that create livable communities. Elements of livable communities include: sense of place, balanced development, energy security, climate change adaptation, economic development, transportation planning, urban design, public health, and ecosystem and heritage stewardship. The Institute recognizes the impact the built environment has on human health, and our initiatives address the role that building design, availability of natural open spaces and parks, air and noise quality, access to transit, and neighborhood walkability have on individual and community health, both physically and mentally.

Also central to this commitment is the proposition that housing is the building block of healthy neighborhoods and that healthy neighborhoods are the cornerstones of sustainable communities. To this end, the Institute promotes responsible real estate development, housing and transportation affordability, employer-assisted and special needs housing, and regionally appropriate design that conserves land, energy, and water.

Drachman Institute is affiliated with the Drachman Design-Build Coalition (DDBC), a non-profit entity which works with architecture students to produce prototypes of energy-efficient, low-cost dwellings for low-income residents. Nine design-build projects have been completed since 1996, one of which has won design and teaching awards from the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA), respectively.  

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