Need Tech Help?

CAPLA related items:  contact us via email or call 520-621-3284
UITS/University related Items:  520-626-TECH

  • Campus-Level Agreements
  • CAPLA Software (Only available to machines owned by CAPLA due to licensing terms)
    • Adobe Creative Suite 6
    • ArcGIS 10.0
    • AutoDesk 2013 Products (AutoCad, Revit, more)
    • Trimble Sketchup 8 Pro

Please Contact Us to Install Software on your CAPLA Owned Computer

Technology Resources Provided by UITS
  • Network
    • Wired - Fastest method, but requires plugging in ethernet cable and MAC address registration
    • Wireless
      • UAPublic - Slower public WiFi network
      • UAWiFi - Faster secured WiFi network that requires NetID authentication to use
    • VPN - Allows you to connect to certain CAPLA and library resources from offcampus or WiFi

Connection Instructions Available Here

Technology Resources Provided by CAPLA
  • File Servers
    • Student file server
    • Administrative file server

Click Here for Connection Instructions for Windows
Click Here for Connection Instructions for Mac