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Instructions for Illustrator CS6
Instructions for InDesign CS6
Instructions for InDesign CS6 (option B)
Instructions for Photoshop CS6 (option B)


The plotters are loaded with 36" wide bond paper.  The laser printers are able to print to 11x17.  You can pay for and release your payments through the Papercut server located at Catcard self-payment is made possible by CatCash using the Flex Account.  

Device Name Device Type Price

(PC)3EastBW2 and (PC)3WestBW


11x17 capable monochrome printer 8.5x11: $0.10  11x17: $0.15
(PC)3EastColor and (PC)3WestColor


11x17 capable color printer 8.5x11: $0.40  11x17: $0.60
(PC)2EastWideColor, (PC)3EastWideColor
color plotter $2.88 per square foot
color plotter $3.60 per square foot
(PC)2WideBW, (PC)2WideBW_old 2 monochrome plotter with 36" wide scanner $0.15 per square foot, free scans


Papercut Printer Installation Instructions
View Windows Instruction here
View Apple Instructions Here

Reconnecting to Papercut after changing your password



CAPLA has four scanners available to students

CAPLA Scanners
Scanner on BW Plotters 36" sheet fed scanner, 600 dpi 2nd Floor Print Room
Epson Flatbed Scanners A3(11.69” x 16.53”) 1200 dpi

2nd Floor East Building
3rd Floor Grad Lab
3rd Floor West Building


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